Preparation of Salary Statement

  1. The following is a step used to prepare the salary statement shown in Figure 7.

2. Provide a salary statement by drawing lines on the cells shown in Figure 7.

3. Enter the payroll data by typing labels and values on the cells shown Figure 7.

4. Calculates payroll data with the following formulas:

a) E9: +C9*D9 Copy from E9 to E10..E15

b) G9: +E9+F9 Copy from G9 to G10..G15

c) J9: +H9+I9 Copy from J9 to J10..J15

d) K9: +G9-J9 Copy from K9 to K10..K15

e) E16: @sum (E9..E15) Copy from E16 to F16..K16