Preparation of Worksheet

  1. The following is the steps used to provide the Worksheet shown in Figure 8.

Additional Information

i. Stock on 31’st December 1998 is RM4, 250.

ii. Previous Salary RM360 paid.

iii. The RM180 insurance has not yet expired.

iv. The remaining unpaid rent is RM280

vi. Create a depreciation allowance of 10% on office equipment

v. General expenses are still worth RM50.

Based on the information above, prepare a Work Sheet for Company B. Eve for the year ended 31 December 1998

Provide the Worksheet frame by drawing lines on the cells shown in Figure 8.

2. Incorporate sheet data by typing the labels and values ​​on the cells indicated in Figure 8.

3. Calculates sheet data with the following formulas:

a) B24: @sum (B5..B23) Copy from B24 to C24

b) D31: @sum (D5..D30) Copy D31 to E31..G31

c) H33: @sum (H5..H32) Copy H33 to I33

d) I34: +I35-I33

e) J35: @sum (J5..J34) Copy J35 to K35