Reasons to Study Accounting

Own use
Accounting knowledge can help an individual:
(a) Planning and controlling his personal expenses and his family’s expenses later.
(b) Cultivate noble values ​​such as careful, responsible, honest, systematic, and rational minded.

Business use
Accounting knowledge can help traders in the following aspects:
(a) Managing its business more efficiently.
(b) Strengthening business position financially.
(c) Designing a more effective business strategy.

Job use
Accounting knowledge creates an individual’s job opportunities in various economic sectors such as:
(a) industry, finance, banks, and trade sectors.
(b) government sector, public accounting firm and management.
(c) professions such as auditors, accountants, business executives, tax consultants, and others who have good prospects.

Purpose of furthering the lesson
A person pursuing further education to a higher level in the accounting field may choose to obtain:
(a) Degree in accounting from domestic or foreign universities.
(b) Professional qualification by passing the examination conducted by professional accounting bodies such as the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants – CACA and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – CIMA.